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Investment Strategies

Focus on strategically configuring the leading enterprises in the industry   

The revenue capabilities of a leading company, the increase of market share as a market leader, and the improved pricing power will reshape the market valuation system and have strategic investment value during the period of economic transformation and upgrading.

Positioning as a partner for asset allocation of financial institutions

Based on the long-term stable equity asset allocation needs of financial institutions, forming continuing partnerships with large financial institutions such as banks, trusts, and insurance will promote the continuous development of our investment and financing ecosystem.

Moving from financial investor to strategic investor   

Ying Ke Investment hopes to not only have equity investment opportunities, but also in-depth cooperation in operation and management with our investees. Besides funding, we are also delighted to build cooperation on your strategic projects.

Medium to long-term holding strategies preferred   

The pursuit of medium to long-term holding strategies make investment simple and clear and can benefit the investors in the long run.