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Copyright Declaration:

The copyright of this website belongs to Yingke Investment Group Co., Ltd. The files on the website are limited to the use of the company's image information and non-commercial purposes. No individual, unit or organization is authorized to copy or publish on any network or any media. Without the permission of the copyright owner, no one may copy, disseminate, display, mirror, upload, download and use the above-mentioned files (including but not limited to the content within the above-mentioned scope) in an illegal manner without authorization, otherwise the copyright owner will be held legally responsible.


◆  The copyright owner has the right to change the content of this website at any time without prior notice. The copyright owner does not guarantee that the materials displayed on this site are comprehensive or up-to-date.

◆  All pictures (including but not limited to illustrations, perspective views, design drawings, etc.), models, text descriptions, etc. on this website are for reference only and are not any commitment or offer of the company.

◆  The copyright owner and developer shall not bear any responsibility for any loss caused by this website or relying on its content for exchanges caused by any individual, unit or organization.

Developer statement:

The company website's introduction of development project information is subject to the government's final approval document. The rights and obligations between buyers and sellers of commercial housing shall be subject to the commercial housing sales contract signed by the parties.